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Song Premiere: Kate Klim “Something Green”

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Kate Klim — “Something Green”

Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Kate Klim’s song “Something Green,” the title track from her album scheduled for release on March 4. Something Green was produced by Andrew Delaney; engineered and mixed by Michael Briggs of Civil Audio; and mastered by Eric Broyhill. Album photos are by Laura Schneider.

“Something Green” is Kate Klim on piano and vocals; Scott Davis on guitar, bass, and synths; Josh Blue on drums and percussion; and Mia Rose Lynne on background vocals and harmony arrangements. “Something Green” is a unique take on the idea that we sometimes have to go through something difficult in order to grow.  Underneath the smoke you find something green.  The melodies are delicious and the vocals and then really the whole song is shiny and clear.

The lyrics for this song were inspired by the idea of controlled burns, and how sometimes a prescribed fire is needed to prevent uncontrollable forest fires or to promote new growth. For some trees, fire is necessary to open the pine cone and release the seeds. (Look up “serotiny” to geek out on this.) The metaphor fit for where Kate was in life when she wrote this – a time of loss and change, but also hopeful that there was new growth underneath. — Kate Klim

Find the music and lots more information here: https://kateklim.com/

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