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Song Premiere: Carrie Biell “See Through the Trees”

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Carrie Biell — “See Through the Trees”

Americana Highways presents this premiere of Carrie Biell’s song “See Through the Trees,” from her forthcoming album We Get Along, due to be available on Feb 11.   The album was produced by Moe Provencher, Timothy Robert Graham and Carrie Biell; mixed by Moe Provencher and Timothy Robert Graham; and mastered by Ed Brooks. The album was recorded at the Jack Straw Cultural Center, Beacon Mountain Recording, and The Lake House in Seattle, WA.  Album photography and graphic design is courtesy of Cat Biell; with art design also by Cat Biell with help from Molly Biell.

“See Through the Trees” is Carrie Biell on guitars and vocals; Moe Provencher on bass; Sheridan Riley Drums on percussion; and Gabriel Molinaro on keys and synth.  There’s a depth and a brooding foundation to this music, and when the vocals land, it’s raw and honest.  

This is about feeling maxed out in life by people and life commitments, but still trying to open up and be vulnerable in a new relationship. It’s about responding to your own needs while also giving to a new partner and learning to trust. — Carrie Biell

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