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Video Premiere: Nichole Wagner “Raised By Wolves”

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Nichole Wagner — “Raised By Wolves”

Americana Highways is hosting this video premiere of Nichole Wagner’s song “Raised By Wolves“ from her forthcoming album due to be released next spring. The album was produced, engineered and mixed by Justin Douglas at King Electric Recording in Austin, TX, with assistant engineer Schivona Johnson.  It was mastered by Michelle Mancini.

“Raised By Wolves” is Nichole Wagner on vocals; Justin Douglas on guitar; Abram Shook on bass; JaRon Marshall on Wurlitzer; and Matthew Shepard on drums.

“I know you don’t believe me, but I was raised by wolves.”  This is a songwriting flex that taps a unique metaphor, and gives you a demonstration of the depth that Wagner is capable of.  She can cover a sorrowful truth with a cathartic release at the ready.  Listen and earmark the forthcoming album for an investment in your own musical satisfaction.  With video footage by Seela that has an aesthetic flair to match the heavy hitting nature that stays true to the song. 

Life as a child could be unpredictable (thanks to an alcoholic mother) and I had to grow up very early, taking on responsibilities that were unfair to my age. It toughened me up but left scars and that trauma has a way of showing up when I don’t expect it. I would joke about having been raised by wolves, something I’d tell people to soften the edges when they didn’t understand where I was coming from – a shorthand to avoid sharing details. I’ve been doing a lot of work through it these past few years and it’s showing up in my writing in a way that I hadn’t been comfortable with before. — Nichole Wagner

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