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Song Premiere: John Sierra “The Wonder”

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John Sierra — “The Wonder”

Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of John Sierra’s song “The Wonder,” due out on September 24. “The Wonder” is the title track to his forthcoming EP which will be available on November 5.

The Wonder was arranged and produced by Shane Adams and John Sierra, recorded by Brandon of House of David Studios and Al Jacob of Warrior Sound; mixed by Kenny Varga; and mastered by Alex McCollough of True East Mastering.

Musicians on the track are John Sierra on vocals and guitar; and Jess Sierra on harmony and backing vocals.  John Sierra has a powerful tenor that can soar to the heights that his songwriting deserves.  Give this song a listen and be moved.

The Wonder explores the longing, the ache, that sense of nostalgia, of “wonder” I often experience in moments when I’m still. Be it in nature, beauty, nostalgia, the holidays, or the quiet moments when I hold my wife, that sweet ache, that sweet desire will find me.

This song is both an expression of and a call to create space to feel The Wonder – that yearning and ache I often try to quiet, yet which brings much life to my heart. — J. Sierra 

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