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Song Premiere: David Jameson “25 to Life”

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David Jameson — “25 to Life”

Americana Highways brings you this premiere of David Jameson’s song “25 to Life.” The single, produced and mixed by Duane Lundy, was written by Jameson and his father, James. The track was recorded and engineered by Lundy with Tom Hnatow at Lexington Recording Studio in Kentucky.

Written during the pandemic, the song captures the sentiment of longing for freedom and love amidst the restraints of normative life. Instead of spending his “25 to Life” caged in a high rise, Jameson paints a captivating image of the openness for which he yearns. Featuring Jameson on vocals and guitar, Hnatow on steel guitar and bass, and Tripp Bratton on percussion, the instrumentation does a beautiful job of establishing a sense of wide-open space. The deep thunder-like strike of Bratton’s timpani drums and the weeping moan of Hnatow’s steel not only musically encapsulates the longing established through Jameson’s lyrics, but also dreamily embodies the elements of the open prairie.

Playing music has been a family tradition for many generations on my dad’s side. My great-grandfather sang in barbershop quartets, and my dad has played the organ since he was young. My dad and I play music together whenever we get the chance. During the pandemic, we weren’t performing so we had a lot of time to play. My dad has a great ear. He can listen to a song once and play it, and he can write songs entirely in his head, so I love writing with him. Although we have a different approach to lyrics, my dad is great with words so it was helpful to collaborate with him. – David Jameson

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