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REVIEW: Anni Clark “Will It Ever Be the Same”


Anni Clark — Will It Ever Be The Same

Anni Clark for all practical purposes should not be alive to have released this album. Clark, who began her career in 1981 and toured nationally known for 23 years on the folk scene to public acclaim and who released 7 albums, decided to hang it up when the rigors of road life and the uncertainties of financial stability became too much. Fast forward 12 years later after working with developmentally challenged individuals and Clark decided it was time to get back into the music scene.

Then Covid hit and Clark survived drowning and hypothermia after accidently falling into a frigid lake from the end of a dock and suffering severe injuries while saving herself that required hospitalization. It was then she decided she had more to share in her musical journey and put out this her first album in 18 years. Covid, her near death experience, and personal life changing events are prominent in the songs on this album.

Clark who plays 6 and 12 string acoustic guitars and has amazing vocals reminiscent of Joni Mitchell is also backed up on this album by the musical bedrocks of Robby Coffin on acoustic and electric guitars, Steve Jones on 6 and 12 string electric guitars, Steve Elliot on electric and upright bass, Tony Simmons on electric bass, Richard (Dickie Doo) Hollis on drums, Bob Colwell on piano, accordion, and acoustic guitar, and Phil Divinsky and Lynn Deeves as the “backing choir.” However, make no mistake about it, Clark is front and center on each of the tracks.

All the songs on the album which are treasures in and of themselves and deliver folk, pop, and blues, were penned by Clark except “I Need Your Love” which was co-written by Dan Merrill and Lynn Deeves and they speak of love, loss, transition, hope, loneliness, ideology, appreciation, and need for human touch and interaction.

Songs such as:

“Will It Ever Be The Same,” which is a folk ballad describing being alone caused by  Covid, the missing of a loved one, and the uncertainty of what the future will look like once it’s over.

“Between The Rungs” — an upbeat pop blues tune that talks about climbing the ladder of life and the trials and tribulations of those rungs. However, it’s in between the rungs where we don’t always know where we are, that we stop, ponder, appreciate what we have in life, and dance.

“Experamatin’” is an upbeat humorous pop blues tune that mostly alludes to the lighter side of lust.

“November 1963” is a light ballad written in honor of the 50th Anniversary of the assassination of JFK and how to a child it was a shocking stark reality to life and how childhood was changed forever.
“The Ocean Is Music” is a blues-tinged ballad that describes being alone in the world and finding solace and re-charging of the inner soul by spending time at the ocean walking the beach.

“I’m With You Greta” is a march sounding ballad and talking blues that honors and supports environmental activist Greta Thunberg and her ideology.

And “Sweet Dani” is a heartbreaking a cappella song done as an Irish ballad to support a dear friend of Clark’s whose husband was tragically killed and honor him so he would never be forgotten.

Other tracks on the album include: “Close To Me,” “Woman In White,” “Spring,” “We Paint The Line,” and “I Need Your Love.”

Produced by Clark and Bob Colwell on Annitime Records and recorded at the Root Cellar in Hallowell, Maine, the 12 track CD with a run time 41 minutes and 21 seconds has plenty of music for the listener along with a wonderful presentation of the product. The dou-fold has a beautiful cover painting of Clark on a dock playing her guitar on a Maine lake in autumn done by Judi Puiia, and intimate photos of Clark by Rhonda Farnham and Jen Dean with liner notes by Clark on the inside cover on the reasons, emotions, and personal insights behind the release. Add the accompanying booklet that is a work of art in itself with song lyrics, annotations by Clark to explain the origins of each song, listing of accompanying musicians, dramatic cover photo of a storm over a lake and dock taken by Clark and a collage of photos of the recording session taken by Clark, Steve Jones and Karen Tucker. It is as much a visual experience as it is a musical one.

With this intensely personal latest release from Clark not only has she validated that there was a reason to continue on her artistic journey but, that the world is a much better place with her music, humor, compassion, and insight not only into to her world, but ours.

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