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Video Premiere: Wild & Blue “Wedding Dress for Sale”

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Wild & Blue “Wedding Dress For Sale”

Americana Highways presents this video premiere of Wild & Blue’s song “Wedding Dress for Sale,” from their recently released album Restless.  Restless was produced by Steve Bennett and Jesse DeCarlo,  arranged by Steve Bennett, recorded by Jesse DeCarlo and Richard Bryant, and mixed by Jesse DeCarlo.

“Wedding Dress For Sale” is April Bennett on vocals;  Steve Bennett on acoustic guitar; Jim Lewin on
acoustic slide and electric lead guitar; Andy Lentz on fiddle; Nat Shuirman on bass; and Skylar Campbell on drums.

The video concept is courtesy of April Bennett, Morgan Peters and Hannah Whisenant; with cinematography by Hannah Whisenant.  It was edited by Jesse DeCarlo and produced by April Bennett and Morgan Peters. There’s a certain intangibly human quality to Wild & Blue that comes across clearly.  There’s a universal relatability and a natural country vibe.  “I’ve got a wedding dress for sale, I ain’t gonna use it.  It’s just a painful memory, I just wanna lose it.”  The video is very enjoyable too.

“Wedding Dress for Sale” is based on a real-life conversation between father Steve and daughter April Bennett.

Steve says: “When April confided in me about her broken-off engagement with her then-fiancé and her intent to sell her wedding dress, I was so moved that I went home and immediately penned the lyrics for this song for her to sing.”

The music video for “Wedding Dress for Sale” was shot in Brooklyn, NYC and explores two aspects of the headspace April was in immediately post-breakup.

April says of the video’s concept: “The interior shots alone in an empty living room represent the feeling of isolation, of living without the promise of the shared life with your partner.We chose to suspend dried red roses with thorns still intact, in various states of dried-out decay to represent the “painful memories” of a former life. With the exterior subway shots, we wanted to capture the surreal quality of the whole world proceeding as normal while you are experiencing such a huge loss.”


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