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Video Premiere: Seth Glier and Raye Zaragoza “One of Us”

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Americana Highways is hosting this video premiere of Seth Glier’s version of the song “One of Us,” with Raye Zaragoza.  The song was written by Eric Bazilian (The Hooters) and made famous by Joan Osbourne, and this interpretation will be on Seth Glier’s forthcoming album The Coronation due to be released on August 20.  This track was produced by Seth Glier.

Musicians on “One of Us” are Seth Glier on vocals, juno, and programming;  Raye Zaragoza on vocals; Reed Sutherland on organ and Ryan Hommel on pedal steel.

The video was produced by Seth Glier.  With authentic footage of actual recording in the age of social distance, the video doubles down on this very visceral rendition of the song by Glier and Zaragoza. Listen and get all the chills.

We have a complicated relationship with the word “god.” Too often I’ve heard it used to justify harm and even perpetuate the suffering of others. I grew up going to church but left around 10 years old after what a pastor said about homosexuality.  As an adult I’ve come to understand the word “god” as merely a container for something that can’t be contained to any particular form. Now i use a lowercase “g” The question of “what if god was one of us” ultimately leads to “god is all of us.” As we try and rebuild a world that is more empathetic and compassionate I feel that this song from 1995 is more timely than ever. Having the voice of Raye Zaragoza took this to a whole new terrain. We could all benefit from recognizing that every day and every person we meet is a gift. our task, and work, is in receiving it. — Seth Glier


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