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Video Premiere: The Rose Petals “Welcome to the Big Top”

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Americana Highways presents this video premiere of the Rose Petals’ song “Welcome to the Big Top” from their new album Americana Grenadine.  The album was recorded and mixed by Dan Destiny at Mystic Trip in Los Angeles, and mastered by Rachel Field at Resonant Mastering in Seattle.

The video was directed by Hamilton Boyce (on Instagram as @hamiltonboyce) with title illustrations by Amy Huber (on Instagram as @ahubermarie).

“Welcome to the Big Top” is Peter Donovan on lead vocals and rhythm guitar; Zach Jones on bass, keys, and backing vocals; Curran McDowell on drums and percussion; Elijah Ocean on lead vocals, lead guitar, and harmonica with additional keyboards by Dan Destiny.

American Grenadine recounts odd and scandalous little known stories of 11 U.S. presidents.  This song describes the scandals of Warren G. Harding, who passed away at age 57 while his wife was reading to him from the newspaper.   Press play and listen to one of the examples of scandalous storytelling on this ultra unique album.  And while you’re listening, enjoy flipping through history in a wild video ride along with the music.

What if Ray and Charles Eames directed an R.E.M. music video featuring Charlie Chaplin? What if you took the most high-tech, twenty-first century technology and passed it back a century to an emerging surrealist painter? What if you received a Zoom call while strolling around Google Earth while your friends’ new record plays on the stereo? What if you traded your cinema camera for a smartphone and your Hollywood SFX team for Street View? Welcome to the Big Top where we infinite zoom, walk, fly, transmute or otherwise transport through a multilayered universe from present day through the 1920s and certainly make a stop in the 90s on the way back home where we left our bouquet of roses floating in outer space. Come along on this weird compound multimedia experience where you slide through different spaces and times related to the characters and places of the song and intertwine with the band themselves who seem to be speckled throughout space-time. — Hamilton Boyce (video director)


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