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Video Premiere: Buick Audra “Maybe I’ll Fly Instead”

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Americana Highways is pleased to present this exclusive video premiere of Buick Audra’s song “Maybe I’ll Fly Instead.”  The song was produced and written by Buick Audra, tracked by Dan Knobler, mixed by Collin Dupuis and mastered by Dan Shike.  “Maybe I’ll Fly Instead” is Buick Audra on guitar and vocals; Kris Donegan on guitars; Lex Price on bass; and Jerry Roe on drums, percussion, and vibes. Cover photo was taken by Anna Haas with cover design by Buick Audra.

The video was shot, directed, and edited by Jerry Roe at Tybee Island, Georgia, in a single shot.  Buick Audra’s flinty vocals carry your heart.  You’ll hear it in the whole song.

I have this difficult family dynamic in my life, one that brings me quite a bit of grief. This song definitely holds that grief and my acceptance of it, but it also captures something else: hope. I can break some of the cycles I was born into, and that I’ve participated in. I can stop doing the same things over and over. I can write a different story from here. I find tremendous relief in these ideas.

We recorded the song in one pass, so it seemed natural to shoot the video in one pass as well. Because I’m originally from Miami and the song looks back at what I come from, shooting it at the beach seemed like a perfect fit. We didn’t make it back to Miami, but we made it to beautiful Tybee Island in Georgia. It’s still the Atlantic, which is the ocean that I belong to for sure. The birds, the wind, the kid and the parent—all gifts of timing. I’m grateful for all of the pieces that have come together here. I hope the song gives hope to anyone who needs it. – Buick Audra

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