Jeremy James Meyer

REVIEW: Jeremy James Meyer will get you moving with “Alive and OK”


Jeremy James Meyer is the kind of songwriter that inspires other songwriters. His vocals are easy and his lyrics tell a story on par with Jimmie Dale Gilmore and other classic singer-songwriters.

Alive and OK is Meyer’s second full-band album and it puts his songwriting prowess on full display. Throughout the album, Meyer explores themes of struggle and the growth that comes from it. While doing that, he explores a variety of sounds, which despite their disparity, would all be at home in a dark honky tonk.

The album begins with Meyer counting off “Brick Wall Blues.” It’s not exactly Ramones, but what follows in an energetic honky-tonk song that is sure to get people moving on a dance floor. Caitlin Jemma (also known as the cosmic cowgirl) provides the vocals on some of the verses. She sings in a sweet voice that would sound pretty good fronting an old-time rockabilly band.

“Rhinestoned Cowboy” isn’t as uptempo as the first song, but it will still inspire movement. This slow waltz features mandolin, coronet, and organ. This pretty waltz is perfect for the end of a night in a dark honky tonk. Even the lyrics seem to tell the story of the end of something  when he sings, “Had your fun playing cowboy, now come home for a while.”

“Woodshop Rock” is another song that’s made to get people sweating on a dance floor.Like The Blasters, this one is a good blend of rockabilly and old-time rock and roll (especially the piano). Not to mention that the energy is pretty similar to The Blasters as well. Whether you have a partner or not, this is a song you will want to blast at high volume while you dance however you please.

“That’s OK” is quite a bit different than the rest of the songs. Between the guitar and the organ, it has something of an island sound. What makes it more interesting is that the guitar tone at times is similar to The Allman Brothers. Meyer ties it all together with the reassuring lyrics, “Your worldview might change, and that’s OK.”

Alive and OK by Jeremy James Meyer is a lesson in what country music can be. This is not the pop country of Nashville. This is real country music with stories and melodies that keep the listener engaged. Whether it’s a foot stomper or a song made for slow dancing, Meyer delivers songs that will get you moving. Alive and OK (American Standard Time Records) will be available everywhere on June 11. Order your copy here.


Nevada Sowle – piano, organ, electric guitar, percussion
Michael Steinkirchner – electric guitar, lap steel
Cooper Trail – drums
Margo Cilker – vocals
Bart Budwig – coronet
Forrest VanTuyl – electric guitar
Ben Walden – electric/archtop guitars, mandolin, fiddle, harmonica
Jeremy James Meyer – acoustic guitar, vocals
Lawrence McCarter – piano, organ, melodica
Roux Maya – our captain
Joshua James Jackson – electric & upright bass
Caitlin Jemma – vocals
Matthew Neal Schultz – vocals, percussion, electric guitar
Seth Kinzie – piano
Recorded live in Enterprise, Oregon at the historic OK Theater, Dec. 2018
Produced by Jeremy James Meyer,
Matthew Neal Schultz, and Bart Budwig
Engineered by Bart Budwig
Additional engineering by Matt Takiff
Mixed by Bart Budwig
Additional mixing by Al Jones
Mastered by Al Jones at Laminal Audio


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