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Song Premiere: Bobby Watson “Down the Road I Go”

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Bobby Watson

Americana Highways presents this video premiere of Bobby Watson ‘s interpretation of Travis Tritt’s song “Down the Road I Go,” from his forthcoming album due out this summer. The album was produced by Jason Kyle Saetveit.

“Down the Road I Go” is Derek Wells on electric guitar, Patrick McGrath on acoustic guitar, Richard Brinsfield on bass, Alex Wright on keyboards and Evan Hutchings on drums.

The video was created by Pheasant Productions in Nashville.  With an exciting roadhouse vibe, Bobby Watson’s music on this one packs a wallop.  “You’ve got to be yourself” is great advice made even better amidst electric guitar solos and shattering slide.

Musically, the place where rock and country meet is where you can find some of my favorite songs, and “Down The Road I Go” captures that mix perfectly. The drive and grit of the song along with the space for some fun bluesy vocal runs makes it one of my favorites to sing. It’s a song I can’t wait to take on the road and get people amped up with.

At its core, “Down The Road I Go” is an “outlaw” song and we wanted the lyric video to capture that essence, so there’s a lot of open road shots and snippets representing the carefree life along with the hopeless relationship that the story is centered around.

Although, in the end, the life this song portrays probably isn’t the most fulfilling, I think the appeal of an unshackled life is in everyone to varying degrees and I hope this song connects with that place for those who hear it. — Bobby Watson

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