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Video Premiere: Marc Ribler “Who Could Ask For Anything More” prod. Stevie Van Zandt

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Americana Highways is pleased to present this video premiere of Marc Ribler’s song “Who Could Ask For Anything More,” from his forthcoming album The Whole World Awaits You.  The album will be available one July 16, and the song is out on May 7.  The Whole World Awaits You was produced and arranged by Stevie Van Zandt and Marc Ribler, mixed by Marc Ribler and mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering.

“Who Could Ask For Anything More” is Marc Ribler (Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul, Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello, Carole King) on guitar and vocals; Jack Daley (Iggy Pop) on bass and background vocals; Andy Burton (John Mayer) on keyboards and background vocals; and Rich Mercurio (Idina Menzel) on drums.

The video was directed by Tom Parr.  Watch it for a classic, high quality original style music video experience.  Marc Ribler and the band deliver the verdict on contemporary society in deadpan electric rock ‘n roll.   Head nods and Beatles-esque folk harmonies add to the wry, enjoyable effect.

“Just when you start to think you’ve seen it all, it’s time to fasten your seat belt. Who could ask for anything more….” While delivered tongue-in-cheek, the song has serious implications. It’s about taking a good hard look at the damage done by greed. It certainly seems to lead to insensitivity and indifference. For example, shutting down the George Washington Bridge for political gain and manipulation. Creating plastic islands on our vast beautiful oceans, or simply creating multibillion dollar industries that benefit from the divisive proliferation of unhealthy citizens due to social, environmental, nutritional and drama-based pollution. And 100 other things I can think of at the moment. That being said, all this crazy shit gives a songwriter much to write about. Perhaps that’s the bright side of greed, mayhem, death and destruction. — Marc Ribler 

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