Song Premiere: Joe Bourdet “Songbird Revisited”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Joe Bourdet’s song “Songbird Revisited” from his forthcoming album Meadow Rock.  The album was recorded at Mountain Sounds Recorders and Palomino Sound, Los Angeles, CA, and engineered by Joe Bourdet and Jason Soda.

“Songbird Revisited” is Joe Bourdet on acoustic and electric guitars, Hammond organ, slide guitar solo right, and vocals; Jason Soda on slide guitar solo left; Justin Smith on drums and Brian Filosa on bass.  Joe Bourdet writes in dreamscape throwback 70s folk styles, and splendid high end electric guitar solos abound in this song of nostalgia.

Like a deer still rubbing the felt off his antlers, the song is youthful, grandiose, and perhaps even a little naive. It’s a sort-of unrequited love theme where the protagonist feels a certain liberation from the realization of his lack of control over the natural world. I wrote it in my early 20s, it’s most certainly a song from the perspective of youth. I don’t think a romantic metaphor such as this would occur to someone older, or in the same language as used here. — Joe Bourdet


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