Interview: Wynonna Talks About Jazz And Her Jazz Night Valentine’s Day Livestream

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Wynonna Judd has been a fixture of the American music scene since the early 1980s when she launched along with mother Naomi, the legendary country music duo The Judds. The iconic duo would ultimately release six studio albums, garner five Grammy awards, fourteen number-one singles, and sales in excess of 20 million records. In 1992 after launching her solo career with a five-time platinum debut album, Wynonna became a musical force in her own right and was hailed by one publication as ”the greatest female country singer since Patsy Cline.” These days in response to not being able to tour due to Covid-19 restrictions, she has embarked upon a series of Livestream concerts to stay connected with her legions of fans. Her latest Livestream event will take place this Sunday on Valentine’s Day and will feature her singing songs from another genre she loves – jazz. Recently I was able to speak briefly with this great American artist about her love for jazz and her Livestreams and our conversation is below.

Americana Highways: What is it that you love about singing jazz and how did the idea for singing jazz on your Livestream on Valentine’s Day come about?

Wynonna: We decided to do the Livestream Concerts when we came off the road last year as a way to stay connected with the fans. We started with my first solo album and it took off from there. The fan response was so overwhelming that we went on to do my second album, then my third, and then a Christmas Livestream in December. So, we decided to switch it up for the next one (Valentine’s Day). I love singing Jazz because it allows me to be extremely sassy! And, I love the passion. It was something different for us.

AH: What do you think Jazz and Country music have in common?

W: Jazz and Country music both tell a story. The genres are some of the earliest forms of expression. It’s real music for real people.

 AH: You have called Ella Fitzgerald “one of your very first sheroes.” What was it about her that attracted you to her?

W: Ella is a stylist and you know who she is within seconds of hearing her voice. There is no one like her!

AH: What can you tell us about your future Livestreams?

W: Every single one of them will be very different from the one before. It is my plan to get away with as much as I can, for as long as I can, musically. As long as the fans keep asking, I will continue to show up.

Wynonna’s Jazz Night Valentine’s Day Livestream will take place on Sunday, February 14th at 7:00 PM CT, and the link to it is here – .



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