REVIEW: Ani DiFranco Sets The Musical Tone For 2021 With “Revolutionary Love”



From the opening titular track of Ani DiFranco’s new alt-folk album Revolutionary Love, it is apparent that she is on a mission. A mission to find the answers to a lot of questions that we are all asking right now and they are namely – how best do we come to terms with the last four-plus years of Trumpism in not only understanding it and learning from it but also how do we best go about navigating through its aftermath as well?

On her latest record, Di Franco sings of the way we treat each other on both a personal and societal level and how they are always interconnected in a way that is both enlightening and thought-provoking.

DiFranco’s solution to the anger, mistrust, resentment, and rancor that is all around us on the micro and macro levels of our existence right now is simple – bring the love. Not just any kind of love, mind you, but a life-changing and life-altering kind of affection based on a sense of self-worth and self-affirmation and a world view that recognizes the worth of others as well. It is her blueprint not only for survival in these times but for growing and thriving in them as well.

Besides the aforementioned inspirational titular track, the other highlights of the album encapsulating the above themes include the anthemic “Do or Die,”  the incisive “Contagious,”  the resilient “Shrinking Violet,” the cutting  “Simultaneously,” and the quietly triumphant “Crocus.”

For long-time activist DiFranco, the world changes when we decide to work on changing ourselves and when we decide to work for the changes that we want to see in the world. With her latest musical collection, while affirming to us that the anxiety, the struggles, the pain, and the suffering that we all are experiencing in varying degrees right now are real and require rectifying and healing, she is also lovingly declaring to us that a tough-minded positivity and spiritual rebirth is the way forward for us all.  

Credits: Ani DiFranco – Composer, Guitar, Primary Artist, Producer, Voices, Eric Alterman -Cello, Roosevelt Collier – Pedal steel Guitar, Brad Cook – Bass, Phil Cook – Organm Piano, Wurlitzer, Matt Douglas – Clarinet (Bass), Flute, Saxophone, Brevan Hampden – Bongos, Congas, Percussion, Shaker, Triangle, Terence Higgins – Drums, Drum Sticks, Percussion, Triangle, Todd Sickafoose – Bass, Effects, Keyboards, String arrangements, Vibraphone, Wyatt True -Violin, Kimberlee Uwate – Viola, Jannie Wei – Violin, Yan Westerlund – Drums, Shaker. 

Revolutionary Love ( Righteous Babe Records) from Ani DiFranco is now available on her website.

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