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Editor’s Pick: 2020’s Road Trip Earworms

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It’s important to honor the concept of the unified overall album, but sometimes you just need that hooky, mixed tape playlist, especially for a road trip on the Americana Highways.

Here’s my road trip earworm playlist of songs that came out this year.  2020.  This challenging year. At least we had good music to keep us company, and for that much we can be grateful. 

There’s a playlist each for Spotify and Apple Music at the bottom; play it on shuffle!  If you have a couple hours coming up I invite you to let it entertain you.  Have a peaceful holiday season

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Click anywhere in bold for more info.  I’d love it if you would share your own list in the comments section!

Swamp Dogg & John Prine “Please Let Me Go Around Again” (don’t miss them talking about building a better mousetrap.)

Nathaniel Rateliff “It’s Still Alright”

Sarah Morris “All Mine”

Jerry Joseph “Sugar Smacks”

Jason Isbell “Dreamsicle”

Drive-By Truckers “Armageddon”s Back in Town”

Jenny Reynolds “Any Kind of Angel”

Cedric Burnside, Steve Azar “Coldwater”

Becky Warren “Me and These Jeans”

Lisa Mills “Greenwood Mississippi.”

Eric Brace & Last Train Home “Caney Fork”

Peter Karp “The Last Heartbeat”

Emily Duff “Something Sexy”

American Aquarium “The Luckier You Get”

Cary Morin “Nobody Gotta Know”

Danny Barnes “The Less That I Know”

Sweet Lizzy Project “The Flower’s in the Seed”

The Harmed Brothers “River Town”

Andrew Grimm “A Little Heat”

Steve Earle covering “Harlem River Blues” (heart wrenching)

Lilly Hiatt “Brightest Star”

Arlo McKinley “We Were Alright”

Andy Baker “Next Right Thing”

Jackson Emmer “I Don’t Want This”

Jeremiah Johnson “Castles in the Air”

Last Year’s Man “My Own Ghost Town”

Amanda Shires feat. Jason Isbell “The Problem”

John Craigie “Don’t Ask”

Sturgill Simpson “Brace for Impact”

Courtney Marie Andrews “It Must Be Somebody Else’s Fault.

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