REVIEW: Bruce Sudano Sings Gloriously About Love On His New EP “Spirals, Vol 2 : Time and theSpace In Between”



Earlier this year prolific singer-songwriter Bruce Sudano on his EP Spirals, Vol 1: Not A Straight Line To Be Found displayed his formidable songwriting skills to fashion five irresistible songs about subject matter that are common to all of us- namely life, love and death. Now some six months later, he treats us all with the follow up to that EP with another EP, Spirals, Vol 2 – Time And Space In Between, a collection this time which focuses on arguably the most powerful, motivation wise, of those three themes – love.

On the seven songs on Spirals Vol 2 , Sudano dedicates four of them – “Keep Doin’ What You’re Doin’,” “It Don’t Take Much,” “Morning Kisses,” and “The Promise” to chronicling the miraculous and joyous nature of romantic love between two people while simultaneously expressing a gratitude for and a determination and resolve to keep it alive as well. Inspired by Sudano’s real life experience in finding love later in life, they are four songs that anyone who has ever fallen in love, at any place or time in their life, can easily relate to and identify with.

For the other three songs on the EP – “American Sunset,” “Walking Down The Road,” and “ For The Sake Of Humanity,” the songwriter sings about our most powerful emotion in terms of our affection and concern for our country and its future and also, more broadly, for humanity itself. While Sudano gets political on these three songs, he does so in a way that doesn’t take sides. His artistic mission and goals with them are bigger than any partisan point he could make. With the three songs, he is calling out to us as listeners to not only see what he is seeing but to also take steps along with him, as together we begin the arduous task of trying to  spiritually replenish and heal our afflicted and divided nation.

With Spirals, Vol 2 – Time And Space In Between, Sudano once again shows us why he is one of America’s most versatile and preeminent songwriters. By deftly melding his pop, folk, blues, and soul influences, Sudano is consistently able to transcend the limitations of genre to create songs that are amongst the best being created by anyone anywhere today. To listen to him is to truly hear how a songwriter, with his notes, chords, and words, can capture the complexities of our existence in a manner that is instantly relatable to all.

Spirals, Vol 2 : Time And Space In Between (Purple Heart Recordings) by Bruce Sudano was co-produced by Steve Addabo, Randy Ray Mitchell, and Mike Montali. It will be available on Oct 23 on the artist’s website .

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