Video Premiere: Amelia Presley “Harm Nobody Else”

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Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Amelia Presley’s song “Harm Nobody Else,” produced by Eric McKinney.  This authentic and significant song about childhood abuse, “Harm Nobody Else,” was written by Amelia Presley. The song was engineered, mixed and mastered by Eric McKinney at Wonderland Studios. It’s Amelia Presley on guitar and vocals; Taylor Long on lead guitar; Eric McKinney on electric, lap-slide guitar, bass and organ; Eric McKinney and Miriam McKinney on drums and percussion.

The video was written, directed, and produced by Amelia Presley and features Presley and her three year old daughter in the very house where Presley was abused as a child herself.  

In a stunningly open song about the tragedy of child abuse, Amelia Presley taps into the emotional core of the audience and wrests a catharsis.  It’s impossible not to be moved by this. 

I shot and edited this music video by myself in and around the home in which I was abused for 13 years of my childhood. I had to do it alone because that’s the only way I felt I could portray the entire painful truth that I needed to portray. My 3 year old daughter played me as a child in the music video. I had a vision in the studio of her going through what I went through at her age, and it completely destroyed me. That’s why I decided to cast her. Seeing a child that little in that role is not easy to watch, but it’s necessary to show the truth. She was laughing and giggling as we recorded, though it’s not apparent in the video. She acted so well and showed all the emotion that was needed. I hope that this video will inspire people to start talking about child abuse so that it doesn’t stay in the shadows. We need to pay more attention to what children aren’t saying. We need to normalize talking about mental health, and we need to make mental wellness more attainable for everyone. We need to talk about every painful unimaginable truth, and start doing something about it. Until we do, children and survivors will feel alone in the dark. That darkness is the most dangerous place to be. — Amelia Presley


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