Video Premiere: Grace Pettis “Drop Another Pin”

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Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Grace Pettis’ song “Drop Another Pin.”  “Drop Another Pin” was recorded at Rubicon Studios & Hello Gorgeous; co-produced by Christopher Boosahda, Alejandro Rose-Garcia and Dan Barrett; mixed by Andy Zulla; and mastered by Howie Weinberg and Will Borza. 

“Drop Another Pin” is Grace Pettis on lead vocals, rhythm guitar, background vocals and lyrics; Frank LoCrasto on keys; Tim Denbo on bass; Carter McLean on drums; Christopher Boosahda on keys;  Alejandro Rose-Garcia on synth and 
Dan Barrett on all other instruments. 

The video was filmed by Cris Lopez of New Wildebeest; directed and edited by Grace Pettis.  With a combination of footage that’s both inventive and vintage, the video is a visual pleasure all on its own. Together with the song, the feeling of the passage of time and nostalgia is impeccably captured.  Grace Pettis’ centered composure is palpable as the song unfolds around her like a peacock displaying its feathers.   

I’ve always been a traveler, from the time I was a little kid. I’m the product of two nomadic parents and I’ve inherited their wanderlust. But really, aren’t we all travelers? This may sound like a postcard, but life is truly a journey. If it is anything, life is change. We are all along for the ride, sometimes in the driver’s seat, steering, and sometimes getting carsick in the back. We move from geographic marker to geographic marker, with our memories as our mile markers to show us how far we’ve come. Embracing change is something I learned how to do when I was a little kid. I’ve always been a traveler- letting go and packing light. Dropping the pin and moving down the road, and living in the moment I’m in.

In my life, I’ve learned that change is really the only constant. As a kid, I moved several times, started new schools several times, and went back and forth between my divorced parents’ homes. On top of that, both my parents are somewhat nomadic. We traveled constantly. I had lots of experience, as a young kid, with packing a suitcase. My mom lived in Decatur, a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, and my dad lived in Mentone, Alabama, a tiny town on Lookout Mountain. Those two places are equally southern, but otherwise almost completely different. I was a big city girl and a small town girl, all at the same time. In my small town life, pretty much everybody was white and conservative and went to church. In my big city life, sometimes I was the only white kid in the room, and there were a lot of different political and religious opinions in the backdrop. From my parents’ own different beliefs and perspectives, to the differences I experienced in the worlds I moved through, I learned not only to accept change and contradiction, but to embrace it. Without change, there can’t be growth. Different perspectives lead to a deeper truth. We are all really only living in this moment in time; not in the past or the future. And this moment is not static. It’s already gone, even as we live it. I’m happiest when I’m able to center myself within my own little dot on the map, in the midst of constant change. — Grace Pettis

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