Song Premiere: Talena Bricker “In Betweens”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Talena Bricker’s song “In Betweens,” which is a precursor to her forthcoming EP War Line. This song and the EP were recorded, engineered, and mixed by Matt Greco at The Rye Room in Portland, OR; then mastered by Amy Dragon at Telegraph Mastering. “In Betweens” is Talena Bricker on vocals, Matt Salinas on guitars, Joe Intile on bass, Jeramy Burchett on drums and percussion, and features Kyleen King on violin.

Nestled within music of wonder, Talena Bricker pours out her heart directly to your soul.  Play it and see.

I wrote “In Betweens” two years ago while on a weekend adventure retreat in my home state of Washington. I was walking back to my tent after jamming with some ladies and the mountains were disappearing in the dark, and the sky was full of stars and the lyrics to this song started forming. It was my first trip away from my kids since having my fourth child. I was still figuring out the balance between being a mom and a performing, recording musician. I’d only very recently decided to move in that direction, though I’d been writing music for nearly two decades by then. I took a long pause from it while having children, but never lost the love and passion for it. With time away from my children, being in the mountains, and challenging myself, I started to write “In Betweens.” I was looking for answers on how to be a more complete version of myself. I was learning how to work on my mental health while also being what I needed to be for others. When I finally took the song into the studio, it was a year later, and I’d been working hard on finding balance and health. Even the recording process was a practice in that balance as I brought my family with me while recording in Portland, Oregon. For a week, my husband explored the city with my kids during the day while I recorded at the Rye Room with owner/producer Matt Greco. We had a dream of a team on bass, drums, and guitar and one of the real highlights was watching Kyleen King create the beautiful violin parts. I was there recording 5 songs, but I felt like there was something particularly magical when we worked on this one. I also felt an immense gratitude that I was finding some of the answers I’d been seeking as I wrote “In Betweens.” — Talena Bricker

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