Song Premiere: Nick Nace “The Beginning of the End”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Nick Nace’s song “The Beginning of the End” from his forthcoming album.  This song was produced by Steven Cooper; recorded by Nick Nace & Steven Cooper; mixed and mastered with additional recording by Owen Beverly.  “The Beginning of the End” is Nick Nace on vocals; Steven Cooper on guitars and bass; and Erin Nelson on drums. Nick Nace and Steven Cooper wanted to record Nick’s heartbreak song “The Beginning of the End.” Aiming to record it on 4-track, they combed East Nashville and found one to borrow through Patrick Sweany.  With the additional score of some unopened Maxell cassette tapes they got to work recording.

We’ve all foolishly tipped our hands too soon at least once in life, forgetting the game of love and the chase is real.  Nick Nace has captured the painful reminder to guard our own hearts every time.

One night I met a girl at my favorite East Nashville bar. She was beautiful and smart and drunk. Like the unholy offspring of Greta Garbo and Anthony Bourdain. Our time was intense and passionate and I fell harder than an octogenarian in the shower. I was so confident she was the one I went all in. I bet the farm. I told her I loved her. But I rushed it, jumped the gun. She recoiled like my mouth was thick with halitosis. A month later it was over. Out brief tenure in smoldering ruins like Dresden after the raids. All that was left was confusion and heartache. So I wrote a song about it. And in the writing I realized “The Beginning of the End” was as much my fault as it was hers. So much for barroom romance.  — Nick Nace 

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