Song Premiere: Dylan Hartigan’s “Not I”

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Americana Highways presents this premiere of Dylan Hartigan’s song “Not I,” from his forthcoming album, due out later this year.  The album was produced and mixed by Bobby Holland, with vocal producer Maggie Rose and assistant producer Adam Bokesch. It was recorded at Pentavarit Studios mastered by Frank Gigliardi at the Fuselage. Musicians on the album are Dylan Hartigan on lead vocals; Dan Toppo on lead guitar; Alex Haddad on rhythm guitar; Sarah Tomek on drums; Kyle Whalum on bass; Dustin Ransom on keys; and Adam Bokesch on synth.

Dylan Hartigan’s latest will remind you of psychedelic Beatles era, and you’ll be awash in all the nostalgia that comes with the reference.

The meaning behind “Not I” is a religious one. It was conceived in a deep spiritual moment and it was one of those third eye opening moments.   I grew up believing in Catholicism and though I grew to believe in other things, I think all religions are beautiful because anything that can provide more of a meaning to your existence is A-OK in my book. My personal religion is reflected in this song by my belief that all my growth that takes place in this world will transcend into the next. That my soul will escape whatever it is I would call my “body” and ever expand. Allowing me to become one with the infinity that is the universe. The production of it came from a Beatles vibe, I wanted the verses to sound underwater and the choruses to be in the sky. I think the band and producer made that happen. — Dylan Hartigan

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