REVIEW: Heather Anne Lomax Dazzles With Her Voice And Her Songs With “All This Time”






On her new album All This Time (self-released), singer/songwriter Heather Anne Lomax  (formerly known as the artist Michael-Ann) delivers an intense fusion of early rock and roll, blues, and Memphis-style soul that should instantly captivate any fan of those three genres.

On this record, with a booming and powerful voice that echoes one of her biggest influences in Elvis, Lomax brings the fiery bravado of a woman who is sure of herself and of her ability to carve out a place in the world.

On the opening and title track, the rockabilly inspired “All This Time,” she belts out words that attest that she is a survivor and not afraid to face whatever life throws at her. “I am a phoenix I flew out of the fire / Took me for dead, but I rose even higher,” the singer sings, thus setting the stage and atmosphere for the rest of the record.

On the second song of the album, the smoldering and defiant “Prison Cell” she triumphantly sings at the end of the song “Think it’s time to love my own self / Pass me the life I left on the shelf / On the shelf, on that shelf,” further advancing the attitude established with the first track.

In Lomax’s worldview put forth on the record, the tough optimism she conveys is needed because the inevitable and universal feelings of heartbreak, grief, and longing for love are never far away. To survive, Lomax communicates to us through the rest of the songs on this album, your sense of hope had better be as least as tough, if not tougher, than the things that life brings your way. 

Other emotional highlights of the album include the buoyant and wishful “Better Luck”, the heart wrenching and mournful “Comfort Me,” the achingly poignant” Heart Don’t Lie,” and the gospel-inspired “See You Again.”

At the end of the record, the soundscape that Lomax is able to create with her songs, her stellar backing band, and her producer Jason Hiller is at once evocative and unforgettable.

All This Time by Heather Anne Lomax is now available on her website and on the major streaming sites.

Credits: Heather Lomax- lead vocals, all lyrics and music, Zachary Ross-electric guitar/acoustic/arrangements/comix/backing vocals, Ty Bailie-organ/keys, Ben Peeler-Weissenborn, Aubrey Richmond-fiddle/backing vocals, John “JT” Thompson-keys, David Goldstein-drums, Chris Joyne -Organ/Keys/Accordion Rob Humphreys-drums, Rosa Pullman-Wurlitzer/backing vocals, Maesa Pullman-backing vocals, Ronee Martin-backing vocals, Danielle Fife-backing vocals, Jason Hiller-/producer/mix/bass backing vocals, Gavin Lurssen and Reuben Cohen-Mastering

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