Song Premiere: Sarah Morris’ “I’m a Wreck”

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Americana Highways brings you this song premiere of Sarah Morris’ “I’m a Wreck” from her forthcoming album All Mine, due to be released February 21st. All Mine was co-produced by Sarah Morris & Eric Blomquist with the Sometimes Guys (Andrew Foreman, Lars-Erik Larson, & Thomas Nordlund), and recorded at RiverRock Studios. All songs written by Sarah Morris, Aleksi’s Wife Music (SESAC); engineered & mixed by Eric Blomquist with additional engineering by Kevin Israel & Thomas Nordlund. “I’m a Wreck” is Sarah Morris on vocals and guitars; Thomas Nordlund on acoustic and electric guitars; Andrew Foreman on bass; Lars-Erik Larson on drums, percussion, piano, whistles; Joe Peterson on organ and Jasper Nephew on electric guitar.

With a swingy, old style bluesy vocal, Sarah Morris spins a sassy-sounding tale with a serious core.  The guitars really pull this one together with a hint of chill this winter.

Going into the studio with ‘I’m a Wreck’, I wanted the production to reflect the tension of the push and pull that’s in the lyrics.  Each chorus begins with a retreat from the energy in the verses, allowing the bridge to be the biggest moment – which is when the narrator asks the biggest “Did I stand too close?  Did I say too much?” –   the questions that most get to the heart of how much responsibility she needs to take for what’s gone wrong.  The swagger that Andrew and Lars brought in the rhythm section, and the interplay of the two electric guitars really brought this together in a way that was unexpected for me and I love it! — Sarah Morris

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