Song Premiere: The Flyin’ As “What’s Wrong With You For Loving Me”

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Americana Highways presents this song premiere of the Flyin’ As’ “What’s Wrong With You For Loving Me,” from their new album No Holds Barred, due to be released on February 7th.  “What’s Wrong With You For Loving Me” is Chris Gage on electric guitar; Stuart Adamson on vocals, electric guitar and acoustic guitar; Kevin Hall on drums and Glen Fukunaga on bass.  The song was written by Al Staehely, lead singer from the band Spirit, and produced by Chris Gage.

Texas honky tonk takes a swampy twist with the Flyin’ As.  It’s impossible to listen to the Flyin’ As without needing to get up, hop and boogie.  “What’s Wrong With You For Loving Me” has quite a story about its destiny, too.

We had just done an all night drive from Santa Fe, NM to Alpine, Texas to close their show for the Holland Hotel Stage’s line up, and the band playing right before us were these two really cool older dudes with a great swampy South Texas vibe to their music.  The Staehely Brothers hail from Houston, Texas.  We had been writing and recording music for the new album, but were hoping to either write or find a song that had a rockin’ swampy vibe just like these guys.  Halfway through the set Al says, while this isn’t a great love song, it’s a great song to sing.” Then he tells this story about driving down the road with a hot chic in the front seat and he blurts out “I love you” to her while driving down the Texas backroads. She turns to him, gives him a look of disgust and says “What’s wrong with you for loving me?” and then ditches him! He didn’t get any love out of it, but he got a song he loved. Al then went on to say he wrote it a while back but has never recorded it. Once their set was done all these people started rushing the stage with old LP’s. We’d closed the Holland Stage several times and were used to it being a packed house…but when I saw the LPs in the air I realized that there was more to this story.  While changing over for our set, I let him know I loved that song and asked if he would be up for giving us a listen. We let him know, if he thought we were  good enough, maybe we could put it on our new album. Well, the rest is history. We spent the rest of the weekend hanging throughout the weekend at our friend’s Viva Big Bend shows, and I found out that he was the lead singer in a famous band from the 70’s  called Spirit and he and his brother have written music and performed with greats like have written or performed music with many acclaimed artists such as Bob Dylan, Robert Palmer and Jo Jo Gunne.  Once I researched these two guys, I understood why all those people were there with their albums ready for him to sign. Since then we’ve crossed paths a bunch, hope to put together a collaborative show in the near future and we are honored to be the first to record and release this song. If you’re ever in an area where you see Al or The Staehely Brothers on a bill, go check them out. He’s got a great voice, killer musicianship, swagger, is one hell of a showman and one heck of a nice guy too — Chris Gage

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