EP Premiere: Dante Mazzetti’s “Hotel Vol. 2”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Dante Mazzetti’s EP Hotel Vol. 2. Hotel Vol. 2 was produced by Adam Sussman & Dante Mazzetti, engineered by Daniel Alba, and mastered by Oscar Zambians. The EP is Dante Mazzetti on vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, upright bass, and drums; with Peter Kuan on trumpet and piano.

The whole collection is characterized by thoughtful musical arrangements and genuine lyrics, the hallmark of great Americana music.   Hotel Vol. 2 is the perfect blend of rock and funky, heartfelt innovation and empathetic tales.

I did a lot of musical exploration with these songs.  I didn’t worry about genre or mixing instruments that you don’t normally hear together.  I tried things out and if it made the song better, more interesting, or more enjoyable, I kept it.  Sometimes people put themselves in a box as far as where they will let their music go. I try to just let the music take me and see what happens. — Dante Mazetti

Ordering info is here:   https://dantemazzetti.com

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