The Art Inside the Craft: Dan Tedesco

Video: Art Inside the Craft

The Art Inside the Craft is my exploration into the creative process of individuals who not only have a physical craft that they work, but also have an art, the “expression of human creative skill and imagination,” which affects the physical product. The symbiotic relationship between the physical act of creating, and the artistic way in which an individual interjects unique and subtle elements to that creation absolutely fascinates me. My own desires to understand, and apply what these artisans have captured, has lead me to this new series.

Dan Tedesco is an Iowa based singer songwriter with a new album available now, American Darkness.  Dan takes his craft seriously and looks to some of the most prolific singer songwriters in the business as inspirations.  He not only looks to them for what they’ve created,  but also the process they use to get where they are.

Dan and I cover a lot of territory in this 2 part interview and he plays 2 wonderful songs off of the new album.  Part one has a very personal performance of one of my favorites on the album, “Before you were born”. In part 2 Dan performs the title track, “American Darkness” and shows just how good an artist he is in a live setting.

This is Dan Tedesco

Part 1


Part 2

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