Song Premiere: Susan Gibson’s “8 x 10”

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photo by Bill Ingram

Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Susan Gibson’s “8 x 10,” from her forthcoming album The Hard Stuff which was produced by Andre Moran and will be available on October 4th. “8 x 10” is Susan Gibson on vocals, guitar and banjo, Andre Moran on bass, Fred Mandujano on drums, and Marian Brackney on fiddle and backing vocals.

This is a cathartic, heartbreaking song about missing one’s mom who has passed away. Gibson delivers heartache in a bittersweet package on The Hard Stuff, and this song is the pinnacle.  The banjo and the fiddle blend together in an absolutely divine outcome, with Gibson’s honest vocals to conjure childhood memories and words to live by.

When my Mom moved to hospice in August 2013 after a long, short, fast, slow battle with lung cancer, my sister & I were sitting on her bed and feeling the imminence of our last few days with our beloved mother. We were asking her questions about her parents and grandparents and it felt like I hadn’t been paying attention my whole life. This was my last chance to ask my mom anything. My sister, Jane said, “Mom, can’t you start over and tell us everything we need to know?” and Mom said, “Jane, don’t play with your food and Susan, don’t draw around your bedroom furniture with permanent marker.” Some days I miss my mom. Most days I miss her a lot. — Susan Gibson

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