Album Premiere: Annie and Rod Capps’ “When They Fall”

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Americana Highways presents this album premiere of Annie and Rod Capps’ When They Fall. When They Fall was recorded and and mixed by Geoff Michael at Big Sky Recording, Ann Arbor with additional recording at Capps Home Studio in Chelsea, MI.  The album is due out on September 6th on Yellow Room Records.

When They Fall is Annie Capps (on vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, banjo), Rod Capps (on guitar, viola and vocals), Jason Dennie (on mandolin, mandola and vocals), Dan Ozzie Andrews (double bass and electric bass), Michael Shimmin (drum kit and percussion) with Drew Howard (pedal steel on Myths & Miracles, Happy New Year and Build the Fire), Jenny Bienemann (harmony vocals on Brevity), Jim Dizer (additional vocals on Poor Old Joe) and more guests on vocal choruses.

In the duo’s first release since 2015’s Waiting For Neverland, they’ve created a lush full band folk album.  The production quality is enticingly clear and the music spins hypnotic webs.   Layers of bright guitar sounds and harmonies are the mark of When They Fall in this brand new traditional folk album.  Annie Capps’ vocals shine with the energy befitting a Broadway musical and the acoustic compositions are enchanting, all the while the lyrical tales make the best of the human experience.

Musically, we’re always after a great melodic and sonically lush experience and lyrically I’m drawn to broken things – places and the people who inhabit them. When They Fall is our way of our bearing witness to some of the ruin and heartbreak we encounter either directly or empathically, with a good dose of playfulness and a happy ending or two. — Annie Capps

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