Song Premiere: Tommy Womack’s “We’ll Get Through This Too”

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Americana Highways brings you this song premiere of Tommy Womack‘s “We’ll Get Through This Too.” Produced by Doug Lancio, and with Womack on guitar and Aaron Smith on drums, this is a seamless punk Americana protest song.

In addition to being heaven for the audiophile, the release is on the aesthetically wonderful “Need to Know” music, which, if you have not yet investigated, you need to.  They make small batches of vinyl by hand, usually singles, with out-of-this world postmodern unique artwork.  Check out Tommy Womack’s vinyl single here, for his signature dose of swashbuckling talent and inspiration, in this infectious rally song with lines like:”his mind is a narcissistic stew and we’ll get through this too!” Yeah!

People ain’t writing protest songs, least none I’ve heard, I worship a head of lettuce name Jerome, and he told me, ‘give people some HOPE!” So, I wrote the Eve of Destruction for our time, but it’s optimistic, not indignant. Look, the title is We’ll Get Through This Too.  And we will. ‘We got through the Civil War, Vietnam, and Rocky IV, we got through World War II and ‘We’ll get through this too!’ I went into Lancio’s place and we knocked it out as a single, Need to Know Records came calling, wanting to put it out, and there you go. I’d really like for people to hear this one. I’ve written some amusing ditties over time, but this time I wrote something IMPORTANT… By God! — Tommy Womack

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