Song Premiere: Michael Colton’s “Qualified”

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photo by Matt Beard

Americana Highways brings you this song premiere of Michael Colton’s “Qualified,” the title track from his upcoming August 16th release.  “Qualified” features Colton on vocals and rhythm guitar, Reade Pryor on drums, Josh Gonzalez on bass, Luke Miller on piano and organ, Marty Rifkin on pedal steel and Teresa James on backing vocals.  Sergio Rueles, Jr. engineered and mixed the album, which was mastered by Peter A. Barker.

Fusing blues with a dose of Americana, Michael Colton spins a blunt lyrical tale of heartache and the pain of a relationship’s end. Qualified provides tension, sorrow, and cathartic release at the hands of the vocals and guitar  entwining with organ and pedal steel and a deadpan rhythm, simulating the anguish of a broken heart.

’Qualified’ basically sprang from my experience lending emotional support to one of my closest friend’s during his divorce—a wrenching situation as they clearly both still loved each other. The title reflects his belief that no one was ‘qualified’ to understand what he was going through even as I tried to give advice. Oddly the feelings I had witnessing them and considering my relationship with my own wife, resulted in a very emotional and sad song backed by some of our most exhilarating playing to date. I never seem to write happy songs according to her. — Michael Colton

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