Show Review: The Gales, Ian Noe, Jamestown Revival: The Vanguard Tulsa

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On a night when music choices in Tulsa, Oklahoma, were plentiful, the crowd showed up early and packed The Vanguardfor the “San Isabel Tour.” The bill on this night featured local band, The Gales; a Kentucky phenomenon, Ian Noe; and headliner, Jamestown Revival, from Austin, Texas. The intimate room was filled with a buzz and anticipation for a night of great tunes and fellowship with friends and their music family. This lineup delivered exactly that, and more.

The Gales, a folk-rock band from Tulsa, warmed up the audience with a fantastic eight song set. Their music employs rich vocal harmonies contrasted with strings and percussion to create a unique ensemble sound. The group played five original tunes, to include, “Pickup,” “Way I’m Going,” and “This Moment.” All five songs can be found on their self-titled EP, released in 2018 and recorded at The Closet Studios in Tulsa, and available now on all streaming platforms. The band consists of brothers Remi Thornton on acoustic guitar, vocals, and drums and Ramsey Thornton on banjo, vocals, and drums. Kent Huddleston is on the electric guitar and vocals and Parker Ferrel is on the bass guitar.

The night kept rollin’ along as Ian Noe and his bandmates took the Vanguard stage. The Eastern Kentucky singer/songwriter delivered a remarkable set filled with originals off his new album, Between the Country, and a couple of covers that can hold their own with the original recordings. The set began with “Letter to Madeline,” moved into a terrific “Promised Land,” and right into Noe’s song “Irene,” that deals with the issues of addiction and substance abuse problems. Noe and the band moved from one song to the next, gliding through a set that must not be missed. Ian’s songwriting has been compared to folk icon, Bob Dylan. Rightfully so. The final song of the set, “The Last Stampede,” certainly holds up to that comparison. Noe has the “it” factor that will no doubt propel him on a headlining tour that will fill venues across the country and beyond in the very near future. Ian Noe was backed by the magnificent lead guitar play of Andrew Sovine, Tulsa native Erin Nelson on the skins, and Michael Zimmerman kept everyone in line on the bass guitar.

Jamestown Revival released their new album, San Isabel, on June 14, 2019. The “San Isabel Tour” has been in support of the album, and luckily, Tulsa was one of those stops. The crowd was energetic from the moment the band took the Vanguard stage all the way until the closing song. Jamestown Revival fed off that energy throughout the night and delivered an absolutely breathtaking and perfect ending to the night. A true headliner. Right out of the gate, they played two songs from the new album, “Crazy World (Judgement Day), and their single from the album, “This Too Shall Pass.” Also included in the set was a bitchin’ cover of “California Dreamin,” originally written by John Phillips and Michelle Phillips and first recorded by Barry McGuire. Of course, the version by The Mamas and the Papas is the most well known. Jamestown Revival’s perfect harmonies hits the spot on this tune. “California Dreamin” is also included on the new album, San Isabel. The set ended with “Killing You, Killing Me,” but the crowd erupted and made sure that the band stuck around for a couple more. The encore consisted of the Creedence Clearwater Revival classic, “Born on the Bayou,” and original tune, “Round Prairie Road.”

Keep an eye on up and coming Tulsa band, The Gales. Go see Ian Noe in these intimate settings while you still can. Jamestown Revival delivered one of the best sets of the year and showed why they belong in the headliner spot.


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