Song Premiere: The Danberrys’ “The Mountain” from Forthcoming Album “Shine”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of “The Mountain” from the Danberrys’ forthcoming album Shine.  Shine was produced by Marco Giovino and Brian Brinkerhoff, recorded at Dagotown Recorders in Boston, MA, engineered by Sam Margolis and mixed by Gus Berry.  “The Mountain” was written by Dorothy Daniel and Ben DeBerry and is Ben DeBerry on guitar and vocals; Dorothy Daniel on vocals and tambourine; Marco Giovino on drums, and percussion, Darrell Scott on guest vocals; Neal Pawley on guitar and background vocals; Duke Levine on guitar;  Marty Ballou on electric bass and Sam Margolis on background vocals.

With a powerhouse vocals, and New Orleans’ rhythms, this sultry, smokey new one by the Danberrys is an instant classic.  Shine is going to light up your record collection, with its deep grooves and vocals soaring to the skies, achieving atmospheric levels of hope.  The groovy rhythmic layers are truly innovative and the lyrics ring with potent gratitude.

Like a lot of the songs on this album, the lyrics of this song were inspired by some truly dark and character-building life experiences. I’ve really found my spiritual center over the past few years, and this song is an echo of the prayer or meditation that grew within me during that time. Ben and I love that New Orleans second-line feel, and we intentionally wrote this song with that vibe in mind. Serendipity ensured that we had Marco Giovino, a true funk master, producing and playing drums, and we were beyond stoked to get Darrell Scott’s super soulful voice on the track. With the exception of Darrell’s vocals, this song was recorded in one live take, vocals and all, because that’s the way Marco likes to roll. It was a challenging experience to record that way, but we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. — Dorothy Daniel

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4 thoughts on “Song Premiere: The Danberrys’ “The Mountain” from Forthcoming Album “Shine”

  1. Doesn’t get any better than this…soulful take on this great song…production is totally in the pocket in every sense…classic sound that never goes out of style…looking forward to hearing the whole “Shine” album…

  2. The Danberrys have proven over and over that their talent is rich. The facets of their music are many, this new album sure delivers more of what I love about listening and watching them. Can’t wait to purchase “Shine.”

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