Video Premiere: Hamish Anderson’s “Breaking Down”

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Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Hamish Anderson’s “Breaking Down.” “Breaking Down” is a song from Anderson’s recent album Out of My Head, which was produced and recorded by 7-time Grammy award winner Jim Scott (Tom Petty), at PLYRZ Studios, Valencia, CA with additional engineering by Kevin Dean.

As recorded on the album, “Breaking Down” is Hamish Anderson on guitar and vocals, Johnny Radelat on drums and xylophone, Jerry Borgé on piano, organ, Wurlitzer, and mellotron, and Aaron Stern on bass; but on the video the rhythm section is with Lauren Stockner on bass and Curran McDowell on drums instead.

The video was co-directed and co-produced by Michael Benson & Erik Shute, and edited by Erik Shute. The executive producer/A&R and stylist was Kristin Juel of Juel Concepts, with Lauryn Hreben and Ella Scannell as production assistants. It features actress Ella Scannell, cut in and out with clips of the band, and was filmed on location at Madame Siam in Hollywood, CA.

“Breaking Down” starts off with a powerful, electric-bluesy driven tension build-up to the breaking point:  “sometimes I feel like I’m breaking down, and pretty soon…  I won’t be around.”  The video gives you a solid feel for the energy that characterizes Hamish Anderson’s style. Out of My Head  ought to be in every American rock music fan’s catalogue, and this song showcases exactly why.

A lot of the “Breaking Down” video was shot at a gig I played at a really cool spot in LA called Madame Siam. The song has a lot of energy so we wanted to match that with a real live performance of it and the crowd. The whole place is like a fun house with lots of lights, parlour games etc so its super vibey.

We decided to make the video about a girl trying to get to the gig but she keeps running into different obstacles and things breaking down (ha ha). — Hamish Anderson

Order the album here:, while you’re watching right here:

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