Song Premiere: Fletcher’s Grove’s “Hide or Harvest”

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Americana Highways presents this premiere of Fletcher’s Grove’s “Hide or Harvest” from their upcoming album Waiting Out the Storm due to be released on May 17.  Waiting Out the Storm was produced by Tommy Bailey and Ryan Krofcheck at Riot City Studies, and co-produced by Fletcher’s Grove.”Hide or Harvest” is Ryan Krofcheck on acoustic and electric guitar and vocals; Matt Marion on percussion and backup vocals, John Inghram on bass guitar and backup vocals, Wes Hager on acoustic guitar; and Tommy Bailey on drums; plus Walt Sarkees on baritone guitar.

“Hide or Harvest” is Fletcher’s Grove’s deep groovin’ Southern rock/Americana extravaganza, anchored down by baritone guitar. Waiting Out the Storm will sweep you up in its layers of syncopated rockin’ energy and low-down rhythmic pulse.

Put up or shut up.  After “10 long years” of being in a band, ‘Hide or Harvest’ is a brutally honest telling of what it’s like working and traveling on the road as musicians.  Ryan strummed this for us towards the end of one of our last recording sessions for the album.  We wasted no time solidifying the arrangement and tracked it that night.  It has quickly become a standout song in our live setlist.  With an authentic, gritty sound and a chorus that explodes with the energy of the song’s mantra, our fans are already singing along “You better hide you’re shame, or harvest the name” – Tommy Bailey

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