Show Review: St. Paul & the Broken Bones Were Sensational at the Jones Assembly with Los Coast

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Many fans consider St. Paul & The Broken Bones first visit to The Jones Assembly the venue’s most memorable show to date. I regrettably missed it. I think I had another show that night, but I was determined to be in attendance on this return visit and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. It’s a radiant and magnificent performance as much defined by its grand theatrics as it’s stunning musicianship.

Without question, the band is simply sensational, and on any given night one of the best in the business. Comprised of Jesse Phillips (bass) Kevin Leon (drums) Al Gamble (keys) Chad Fisher (trombone) Amari Ansari (sax) and Allen Bransetter (trumpet), and expertly led by guitarist Browan Lollar. Together these seven men took the stage initially, and immediately established their trademark Birmingham, AL sound for frontman and vocalist Paul Janeway to join them on a rousing “LivWithOut U.” Adorned in a “bling” covered jumpsuit and athletic shoes, complete with cape, Janeway worked the crowd into a frenzy with a practiced skill much like James Brown was able to do. Through all the stage prancing, dance moves and staging, Janeway nailed every note and every inflection. Highlights abounded with tracks from “Half The City” garnering the most enthusiasm from the audience. “Like A Mighty River,” “Grass Is Greener” and particularly “Call Me” had the crowd dancing and grooving along while Lollar and band did all the heavy lifting.

I quite enjoyed hearing the newer material presented from 2018’s “Young Sick Camellia” which made up a good portion of the set. “Convex””GotItBad,” “NASA” and “Bruised Fruit” all showed a band not comfortable to stay with the status quo. Instead, they’re a band focused on growing and continuing to develop. Through it all, Janeway moved about like a man possessed, constantly energizing the crowd. The set closing “Broken Bones & Pocket Change” saw Janeway make his way down from the stage, through the crowd and upstairs to the balcony. There he dramatically collapsed to the floor, never missing a note, before making his way back to the stage and bidding the adoring audience good night.

St. Paul & The Broken Bones are a band beyond comparison and definitely worth checking out. Find out all you need to know here:

As stellar a performance as the headliners presented, the surprising highlight for me was the opening band, Los Coast. The Austin, TX based band is a five piece group that really, really connected with me. If pressed to describe their sound, I’d suggest a base of Houndmouth with a liberal sprinkling of Fantastic Negrito and a pinch of Ben Harper. The band has a pop, alternative rock sound with elements of jam and even jazz mixed in, all encapsulated by a clever edginess that’s hard to define, but undoubtedly good. Opening with “The Kitchen” vocalist/guitarist Trey Privott led the band through a setlist that got better and better with each song. There’s a lot of talent here, with John Courtney on guitar and Moog, Megan Hartman expertly plucking away on bass, Damien Llanes steady on the drums and Nat Wright holding down keys and glorious harmony vocals. Los Coast has a debut album coming on June 14th called “Samsara” on New West Recoeds. I’m as excited about checking it out as I’ve been for any album this year. Keep an eye out for Los Coast whether it’s the upcoming album or future dates with St. Paul & Broken Bones and Lucas Nelson & The Promise of the Real. Check the out here:

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