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Readers’ Favorite Top Ten Releases For April 2019, With Playlist

Lists & Polls

The results from the readers’ vote for favorite April release are in! Take a listen to the top ten right here on the playlist!

  1. Dango Rose’s “A La Glory”
  2. Chad Richard’s “Worthy Cause”
  3. Josh Gray’s “Songs of the Highway”
  4. Silverlake 66’s “Ragged Heart”
  5. Kora Feder’s  “In Sevens”
  6. Adam Carroll’s “I Walked In Them Shoes”
  7. Will Kimbrough’s “I Like It Down Here”
  8. Anna Tivel’s “The Question”
  9. JJ Cale’s “Stay Around”
  10. Molly Tuttle’s “When You’re Ready”



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