Song Premiere: Chip & Tony Kinman’s Unreleased “Landslide” From Rank and File Days; New Career Compilation

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Americana Highways brings you this song premiere: “Landslide” from a forthcoming compilation of previously unissued music by Chip & (the late) Tony Kinman covering songs from all their joint musical career incarnations: in Rank and File, Blackbird, The Dils and Cowboy Nation.  Chip & Tony Kinman: Sounds Like Music, never before heard music from the Kinman brothers, is due out on Omnivore Records on June 28.  “Landslide” is Tony Kinman on bass and vocals, Chip Kinman on guitar and vocals, Jeff Ross on guitar and R. Kahr on drums; the song was written by Kinman/Kinman.

Rank and File was one of the original Americana acts (at times Alejandro Escovedo was a member) from Austin in the early ’80s, so this release is like mined gold, with discovered richness at every new track.  It was an eclectic band even then, which you can hear in every one of the recordings. In addition to the obvious appeal of its being an unreleased track, with all the mystique surrounding that, “Landslide” is unique in that it is a lyrical tale of a shipwreck.  Sounding like it was recorded in a wide-open room, “Landslide” will regale your ears with early recording splendor, talented musicianship, and this amidst all the energy and excitement Rank and File was known for.

’Landslide’ is an unusual song for Rank and File. The song is about a shipwreck not a train wreck or any other kind of wreck. Not your typical country song but RAF was not your typical country band; we worked hard on being different and discovered along the way that we didn’t really have to work that hard because we were hard wired to be different and it served us every step along the way.” —Chip Kinman

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Track Listing:

1. Real Style       Blackbird

2. Folks Say Go   The Dils

3. Me Too           Blackbird

4. Liberation      Blackbird

5. Jersey Girl     Blackbird

6. Dope             Blackbird

7. Rank And File (Alternate Version)  Rank and File

8. Candy           Blackbird

9. Amanda Ruth  (Alternate Version)   Rank and File

10. Lucky Day   (Alternate Version)  Rank and File

11. Paniolo (Alternate Version)   Cowboy Nation

12. Citizen         Rank and File

13. Revolution Is Rising Blackbird

14. Dream On   Blackbird

15. Restless      Rank And File

16. Landslide     Rank And File

17. Old Paint     Blackbird

18. Blue Hair     Blackbird

19. Perfect Day Blackbird

20. She’s Real Gone  Blackbird

21. Rebel (Alternate Version)  Cowboy Nation

22. All The Same Blackbird

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