Lyric Video Premiere: DL Rossi’s “A Sweet Thing”

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Americana Highways brings you this lyric video premiere of DL Rossi’s “A Sweet Thing,” from Rossi’s upcoming album A Sweet Thing, which was recorded live at Matt Maher’s studio The Echobase in East Nashville. The album was produced, mixed, and engineered by Nolan Rossi (Whym, Poema) and mastered by Joe Causey. “A Sweet Thing” is DL Rossi on guitar and vocals, Kenny Hutson (Crowder) on pedal steel, Grant Pittman (Drew Holcomb) on keys, with drums by Christian Paschall (Crowder, Tomlin, Maren Morris), bass by JR Collins (Crowder) and backing vocals by Reuben Bidez and Molly Parden.

With footage from the road, this lyric video is an anchor for the haunting melody of “A Sweet Thing.”  As the lyrics unfold a tale of being rejected by a lover because of a travelling lifestyle, there are palpable chills in the air.  DL Rossi’s low vocals over piano tones are rich with sorrow and resignation.

This tune is about falling in love in Nashville and losing it to the distance of being on the road.  Relationships are all about being present and it’s hard to keep anything going when you are gone for more than half the year.

David Ramirez was and is a huge influence for me, when I heard him I realized that there was a place for my voice.  I spent a lot of my early life as a vocalist trying to sing way too high, but the first time I heard “Apologies” I heard someone who was singing songs I could sing, and was writing about the tension of living in an evangelical community and not feeling like you fit. — DL Rossi

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