Video Premiere: Soft Spoken Singer Songwriter Hockey Player Chris Gardner Releases Intimate Music Video

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Americana Highways is pleased to bring you this premiere of Chris Gardner’s “Belong.” Chris recorded the music with the assistance of his good friend and world renowned recording engineer Mr. Andy Bradley at Wire Road Studios and, by special arrangement, noted R&B singer Sarah Dash (Patti LaBelle) joined Chris in the studio.  Cinematography, including location shots and editing, was handled by the esteemed video director Tan Truong.

Intimacy is expressed a number of ways and singer/songwriter Chris Gardner has not only captured beautiful moments in time in lyric and music, but he has outdone himself with the arrival of this new storytelling music video “Belong.”  Envision a couple that longs to be together for the day, however the alarm clock goes off and work beckons.  Both wish to be together but today it just cannot be.  So one leaves for work and the other slowly rises already missing their loved one and the immediate absence fosters memories frozen in time.  Beautiful moments that are etched in a memory for a lifetime.  Chris Gardner’s new music video paints a marvelous relatable human interest story, a  moving sequence of events set to music and then brushed onto the visual canvas.  One that millions of couples from around the globe will attest to fully understanding through their own personal experiences, moments frozen in time.  This truly remarkable release poses just one question – is the content representative of a real life occurrence in Chris’s life, could that have inspired him to pen “Belong” or is the release a product of his natural ability to pen fictional songs and envision scenes through imagination?

Oh and regarding Chris being a hockey player – this native Buffalo New York hockey fan and player is on the ice week in and week out in his new home of Houston Texas.  In fact if Chris didn’t have to work, rumor has it that he would be on the ice day in and day out.

Enjoy Chris Gardner’s “Belong,” right here:


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