Song Premiere: Andrew Leahey’s “Flyover Country” From Upcoming “Airwaves” Album

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Americana Highways presents this debut of Andrew Leahey and the Homestead’s “Flyover Country” from his forthcoming album Airwaves, available on March 1st.  The song was was written by Andrew Leahey, and features Leahey on guitar, lead vocals, backing vocals; Phil Heesen III on guitar, keys, and backing vocals; Jon Radfordon drums and Jon Estes on bass.  The album was produced by Paul Ebersold and mastered by Brad Blackwood.
“Trouble don’t find me, I’m in flyover country,” kicks off this easygoing song of the human spirit overcoming obstacles. You can almost picture the wide-open landscape expanding in all directions as this song buoys your resolve.  It’s the kind of music that makes you feel good in the truest sense.

‘Flyover Country’ is a one-way conversation between a man and his vices. I wrote it after watching a close friend struggle with alcohol for years. We used to tour the country together, playing house shows and dive bars for weeks on end, and the beer was always free. Looking back on it, I realize that those tours probably made his problem worse. Now that he’s sober, he’s twice the musician he ever was… and three times the friend, too. I feel like he saved his own life. ‘Flyover Country’ is my tribute to the way he’s distanced himself from those demons… and my apology for not being more understanding during those earlier tours. — Andrew Leahey

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