REVIEW: Rosie Flores’ “Simple Case of the Blues” is Defiant, Bluesy and Clear


Rosie Flores’ new release, Simple Case of the Blues, was produced by Charlie Sexton, Kenny Vaughan and Dave Roe. The album features Rosie Flores and Kenny Vaughan on guitars with Charlie Sexton on rhythm guitar and percussion; Dave Roe on bass(es),  Jimmy Lester on drums.  And with T. Jarrod Bonta on piano and Wurlitzer;  Mike Flanigin on ol’ Hammond B3; Cindy Cashdollar on pedal steel;  Greg Williams on sax, Kevin Flatt on trumpet, Paul Deemer on trombone. Background vocals are courtesy of Robert Craft, Sheree Smith, Michael Hale, and Ange Kogutz.

Although the San Antonian-Austinite Flores originally made her way to the blues via punk rock, this album mostly stays in her familiar bluesy pocket.  “Love Don’t Love Nobody” sets the tone for the album: “love is the cause of my downfall” with the defiant devil-may-care vocals sashaying with the blues.

“I Want to Do More” is a rockabilly song ( a throwback to the time she first earned her nickname “Rockabilly Filly”) with horns and classic irresistible rockabilly beat: “I wanna do more for my baby.”

One of the significant markers of this album is the cast of musicians and the rich layered production that places instruments in different channels in ways that command your attention if you’re a “music first” connoisseur. Try “A Simple Case of the Blues” or “That’s What You Gotta Do” to hear it best.

Other songs will get you with their more swaggery grooves, like “Drive, Drive, Drive” and “If You Need Me” with the solid definitude that frequently characterizes the blues: “Don’t wait too long, honey pick up the phone ’cause I’ll be there.”

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