Song Premiere: Tiger Lillies’ “Kiss You Quick” from “The Devil’s Fairground”

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Americana Highways is pleased to premiere this song “Kiss You Quick” from the Tiger Lillies’ upcoming release The Devil’s Fairground (Misery Guts Music).  The Tiger Lillies are British trio: Martyn Jacques (vocals, accordion, piano, uke), Adrian Stout (double bass, theremin, singing saw) & Jonas Golland (drums, percussion). The Devil’s Fairground will be available on Feb. 15.

There is an air of suspense in “Kiss You Quick” with a foreboding piano opener, and as the singing saw adds to the tension, the vocals continue to punctuate the sound.  The lyrical message is very sardonic with its rhetorical question: would you kiss the lips of a hateful, power-hungry person?  All the while the singing saw continues to carry us in its ethereal dreamlike drama, and it’s clearly the case of a bad dream. “You are a lunatic, should I kiss you quick?”

“‘Kiss You Quick’ is about unpleasant people who are very dogmatic, very opinionated and also very objectionable in their philosophy, politics and their attitude toward life. So for example… fascist, capitalist. The title of the song lends itself to irony and contradiction. We don’t normally think about kissing people who we don’t like. Have you ever thought about kissing Adolf Hitler or Donald Trump? That’s what the song is about.” — Martyn Jacques

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