Video Premiere: Julia Levitina’s “Apricot Sky”

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Americana Highways is pleased to present this video premiere of “Apricot Sky” by folk musician Julia Levitina.  The song was produced by John Faye and Levitina, and features Faye on bass, drums, electric guitar, & percussion and Wurlitzer piano with Levitina on acoustic guitar and vocals; it was recorded and engineered by Cliff Hillis (Dan Bern).
Levitina spent her childhood in the Ukraine and you’ll hear the traces of the French & Russian folk songs from her youth in her songwriting here.  The video was created by Laura Szklarski, who captures an ephemeral quality in the juxtaposition of the song’s lyrical imagery and its musicianship.  The images invite us to pause and consider the wonders of the inventive process that culminated in allowing humans to fly, with breathtaking footage of flying machines, early biplanes and Levitina in the wind.   All this unfolds over slowly winding, intuitive music and vocals — in a song of the wind, color, and the flow of an atmosphere.
Odd-ball feel-good folk-rock tune inspired by the story of the Wright Brothers, “Apricot Sky” is a single from what will ultimately become a full-length record exploring love, life, courage and aerospace. — Julia Levitina
Order a version to listen to, here, while you’re watching right there:

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