Song Premiere: Little Queenie’s “Slingshots and Boomerangs” from upcoming release “Purple Heart”

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Americana Highways brings you this song premiere of “Little Queenie”‘s “Slingshots and Boomerangs” from upcoming release Purple Heart (XYYX Records/DeevaRecords).  The song features Little Queenie (Leigh Harris) on vocals, CC Adcock (James McMurtry, Ani DeFranco) and Jimmy Robinson on guitars, George Rossi (Squirrel Nut Zippers) on organ, Alex Harris MacDonald on washboard; with rhythmnists Chris Severin and Doug Belote.

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina struck while Little Queenie (Leigh Harris) was finishing production of Purple Heart.  The resulting flood destroyed the entire studio with its computers containing all the tracks; all that remained was a CD of Purple Heart.  The project was on the back burner, until recently when Lenny Zenith assumed the mantel of responsibility to finish it.  With a team including Jimmy Robinson and other New Orleans musicians, the original contributors were sought out and found.  With all 12 songs on the CD and the original artwork, after a 13 year delay – Purple Heart is due out this Friday.  But you can listen to a track today!

This song is lowdown and swingy, with its lusty lines “Way down wicked but you just don’t look it… You’re so good looking but you’re so damn crooked.”  The zydeco/blues rock contributions of CC Adcock are undeniably bright, and the song will give you energy and perk up your resolve.  And who can resist a little washboard?  Leigh is currently in hospice in North Carolina bravely fighting her battle against cancer, but this song is a testament to her resiliency.

*The artist is not well enough to give a unique quote, but as her friend and label owner, I’ll just say it’s a wicked collaboration with Lafayette swamp-rocker CC Adcock on a song about being ‘bitten’ by venomous love and taken advantage of because someone ‘look so good’ and is hard to resist. God knows I’ve been in that situation before. — Lenny Zenith

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