Video Premiere: Charlie Treat’s “Look Around” is Lilting Dream of a Love Song

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Americana Highways introduces this video premiere of Charlie Treat’s “Look Around.”  The song is from his self-titled EP, released in September, which was recorded at 10-4 Studios in Nashville and produced by Jesse Thompson.

The video was directed and produced by Joel Thomas Jansen, with Cody Brentlinger.  It was filmed at Mt. Calvary Missionary Baptist Church, at Percy Priest Lake, and Downtown Lower Broadway.  It features Justin Turner on drums, Quileo “Q” White on bass, Pierce Dukes on guitar, Aaron Marefka on keys, Charlie Treat on rhythm guitar and vocals, with dancer Maegan Curry.  Watch as the band sits on a stone, country porch with children gathered in their midst, cut to scenes of a dancer skipping through a crowd, “look around it’s a good day to walk along with you… if heaven tried to compare it might lose.”   The lovers walk through town and through the woods.  The instruments close ranks in creating a lilting build-up love song, and suddenly we’re transported to euphoria in this rare love song that feels genuine and never trite.

A rolling, symphonic story of two lovers walking out of the city, into the woods, then back to the city again while the delights and dangers of the world burst around them. — Charlie Treat

Check out the album and tour dates here: > while you’re watching here:

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