REVIEW: Los Goutos’ “Mighty” is Big, Energizing Layers of Sound


Los Goutos’ new release Mighty combines layers of musicality in an amalgamation of styles —  you might call it old timey folk-rock with mariachi influences.  The Boston-based Americana band is 7-members strong with a big, energizing sound that lives up to its album name:  Mike Eigen on vocals (drums on “Can’t Hurt”); Chris Gleason on vocals, acoustic guitar, mandolin, banjo and bass;  Paul Stewart: on vocals, accordion, piano, harmonica, guitars;  Bruce Bartone on electric guitar, bass, organ and backing vocals; Shamus Feeney on acoustic guitar, slide guitar, banjo, and bass.  And Emily Grogan on vocals, acoustic guitar, and saxophone; with Eddie Barrett on trumpet.  And if those are not enough layers of sound for you, there are also guests: Mike Levesque on drums and Jakub Trasak on fiddle.

Including horn and saxophone, and sometimes mandolin and an accordion, the songs all throughout the album are festive and bright, with a touch of mirth.  “Tequila Set the House on Fire,” built on echoes of a mariachi foundation,  tells a tongue in cheek tale of city living and a tequila assisted break-up: “You don’t miss your woman til the bottle runs dry.” And then, take it “Down to the Studs” with mandolin is a folksy dance number about reconstruction, warning us that “sometimes you gotta take a giant leap of faith.”

“Dawn” features accordion and is a slower song, with a humorous additions like “you like donuts with your beer,” and then “Louise” lets some adept harmonica playing carry the mood. “Killing me kindly” then returns to a more old timey feel with fiddles and a head-bopping rhythm style “this stray dog can’t be tamed.”

Mighty was produced by Los Goutos with Sean McLaughlin, mastered by Jeff Lipton.  For your taste of one of the biggest and brightest mixes to come out of Boston this year,  check it out, here:

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