Song Premiere: Jason Masi’s “Trouble” From Upcoming Album “Capture the Heart”

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Americana Highways presents this song premiere “Trouble” from Jason Masi’s album Capture the Heart, due to be released on November 30.  Capture the Heart was produced, engineered, and mixed by Mark Williams at Sucker Punch Recording Company and mastered by Jeff Dykhouse.

“Trouble” features Jason Masi on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Mark Williams on electric guitar with Tommy Gann on keys, Mark Williams on bass and Ben Tufts on drums. Phoebe Sharp, a.k.a Adara, sings backing vocals too.  The cool photo you see was taken by Carter Louthian. The song tells the lyrical story of a sauntering troublemaker, who has been doomed since his teacher in Sunday school first said so: “I’m up to no good, I can’t help myself,” over rockin’ bluesy buildups on keys and guitar, all the while he’s having too much fun.  This song is destined to be a theme song anywhere there’s danger and adventure afoot, and is a fresh mix of rock energy and bluesy swagger.

This is my alter-ego song.  The Mr. Hyde. The devil on my shoulder trying to cause mischief.
Some of the binge-worthy shows I was watching when I wrote this may have something to do with how this came out.  I had just finished a string of shows on Netflix where the main characters were bad, but also had a likable side.  Walter White in Breaking Bad, Don Draper in Mad Men, and Marty Byrde in Ozark.  Why are we so compelled by these characters?  Do we see something of ourselves in them? Probably.  In these shows, the badly behaving characters always had their justifications, but their misbehavior was inexcusable.
Most of us manage to maintain our good behavior enough, but maybe we’re more fragile than we think and there’s something brewing below the surface that would make us act on our impulses under the right conditions.  I vaguely remember as a kid an instinct to create mischief and this song taps into the temptations of being bad but for just a few minutes.

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