Song Premiere: The West Coast Feed’s “Strung Along” From Upcoming Release

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Americana Highways brings you the premiere of this song by The West Coast Feed: “Strung Along” from their upcoming self-titled album, to be released on October 26.  An eight member band, The West Coast Feed provides layers of music on the album, with frontman Jesse Butterworth on vox, Matt Woll on electric guitars; and a trio of horns:  Phil Dean on trombone, Matt Collins on trumpet and Matt Simmons on saxophone.  All this with DJ Park on violin, and rhythmnists Tim Oas and Chad Elrod.  The West Coast Feed was produced by Jesse Butterworth, engineered by Matt Woll, mixed by Aaron Sternke, and mastered by Troy Glessner.
An expansive, mixed genre appeal through horns and the blues to the agony of a relationship that’s clearly lacking something significant, “Strung Along” provides both musical empathy and cathartic release.  The song tells a tale of struggle with a band arrangement that’s lofty, expansive, bluesy and swampy all rolled into one.
I recorded a rough demo of the song into my phone and sent it to the rest of the guys in the band before our rehearsal.  When I got to the rehearsal all of the guys were acting kind of weird with me and asking if everything was going ok in my marriage. “Yeah,” I said, “everything’s fine.  Why?”   They went on to tell me that they thought this song was autobiographical and they were worried about the state of my marriage.  I told them, “This isn’t about me being stuck in a relationship, guys.  This about some other sucker who’s stuck in a relationship.  – Jesse Butterworth


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